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Technical Set-up.


I have a simple but effective recording set up using quality capture equipment:



I primarily use Lindos* MM4 mics for my studio voice-over work, along with a Rode NT1 and Samson condensor microphones for certain specific applications. 


Extract from Lindos Electronics Website:
"The Lindos MM4 is a calibrated omni-directional electret microphone that captures sound with clarity and precision. Though tiny it offers the ultimate in performance for two important reasons:


  • It has a small, lightweight diaphragm allowing it to pickup high frequencies accurately.


  • It has no surfaces or cavities to give reflections or resonances that cause colouring of the sound."


*Lindos Electronics is a small British firm who are passionate about high quality audio and have been making audio test sets for more than 30 years (trusted by big players like Sony and the BBC to test the performance of their audio equipment). Now they are passing on their extensive audio expertise to the recording industry with the creation of the Minisonic MM4 microphones and other audio products. 











Recording and Mixing Platforms: 

I use a TASCAM DR-680 multitrack recorder as my primary recording deck. The DR680 is a high performance recording device allowing capture in a variety of formats in broadcast quality. In addition to the TASCAM, I use a Fostex VF160 Digital mixer/recorder. I also like to capture my own sound effects using a highly portable and discrete Zoom digital field recorder, and have the benefit of also being able to use the TASCAM DR-680 as a portable multitrack field recorder should I need to go mobile or record multiple sources on location.


Environment and Post Production: 

I have small dedicated studio with an audio station designed with good, neutral acoustic properties (with reverb-attenuating tiling), and a separate computer workstation area for all post production or audio/video editing. Audio monitoring is via Beyer Dynamic DT100 and DT150 reference headphones, and B&W monitors. I use Adobe software in post production. 

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