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Barry Robbins

Living on the edge of the UK's New Forest National Park in the south of England, I am passionate about the spoken word and have always enjoyed radio from a very young age.

Although I was born and brought up in Zambia (central southern Africa), I have a fairly traditional unaccented English spoken voice, with the ability to affect a number of accents should the role require it.


My voice-over work to date has included providing narration for a major documentary (released by Hannover House) on the Samurai, a voice-over for a recent successful UK feature film (The Harsh Light of Day), the voice for a US TV advert (publicising a release for Penguin Books), and numerous radio adverts and station ident packages.  


I am also keen to support students of film and have provided many narration/voice-overs to university-based filmmakers to help with their low-budget creations!


In terms of production, I greatly enjoy editing audio and have produced and directed a number of radio plays, complex radio promotion pieces, and provided location audio recording facilities for a number of bands.


I am prepared to travel to clients' studios providing reasonable travel expenses are covered; or I am happy to work locally to a provided script. I can supply multiple takes/styles depending on the clients' requests and can deliver finished audio via cloud services such as DropBox in a variety of client-specified audio formats.



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